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Chilli Grill Takeaway Castlemilk Burger Meal

Our Specialties


Enjoy authentic Italian Pizzas made from scratch daily. From hearty, meaty options to veggie-packed slices, we have the most flavourful pies for you!


All our Turkish grilled Kebabs are served on a bed of fresh nan bread, topped with a variety of salads & dips. Order and enjoy the juiciest Kebabs you’ve ever had!


To get that gorgeous crunchiness on the chicken burger, try our ultimate Zinger Burger topped with lavish fillings plus some finger-licking mayo.


We offer a great variety of delicious curries that will leave you mouth watering. From Butter Masala to Chilli Bhuna, there is so much more on offer.


Indulge yourself in our delicious Chicken Kormas, which are a definite favourite among foodies. Rich and creamy Mughlai Korma is just a tap away!


Whether you’re into a fragrant Chicken Biryani or fancy trying a veggie loaded version, layered with fluffy rice and warm spices, we’ve got them all.

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Chilli Grill Takeaway Castlemilk  Quality


All our mouthwatering dishes are cooked to perfection to satisfy every appetite. Get quality and genuine value for money at Chilli Grill Takeaway.

Chilli Grill Takeaway Castlemilk  Delivery


Fast and secure delivery is just a tap away. You can always count on us for a timely delivery. Just place your food order online and wait for the knock at the door!

Chilli Grill Takeaway Castlemilk  Taste


Our skilled chefs make hearty meals using the freshest local ingredients. The result is flavourful dishes with a winning combination of taste and quality.

About Us

Chilli Grill Takeaway

Chilli Grill is an authentic Indian Takeaway that has gained popularity over the years for serving the best Indian food in Castlemilk. Our diverse Menu covers a wide range of traditional Indian dishes ranging from Chicken Korma Specialities to genuinely good Curries and aromatic Biryanis.

If fast food is more your vibe, there’s a huge variety of fresh Italian Pizzas, Turkish grilled Kebabs, American Burgers, Hoagies and Wraps to satisfy all your cravings. Just download our mobile App or use our website to place your order online and get exclusive deals and discounts. Thanks for visiting our online food ordering website.

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